Full-On Plumping Lip Polish

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    Just waste money on acid products or aesthetic medicine. Lip Plumper will allow you to obtain an increase in volume with a unique product, born from a "cruelty-free" formula.

    An extreme lip plumping gloss that gives you hydrated and naturally plumper looking lips in minutes. Lip Plumper is infused with a concentrated lip plumping complex, which as you apply will give you a sensation of heating and cooling for plumper, more kissable lips. 


    Dermaporting technology, which is found exclusively in Lip Plumper products, allows larger molecules to be absorbed into the skin more effectively.  We use Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which are great plumping ingredients but happen to be made up of larger molecules. With help from our Dermaporting Technology, these sink into the lips beautifully when you apply Lip Plumper.


    - Lips on: unlike the traditional lip plumper, Lip Plumper gives volume through large molecules of hyaluronic acid and collagen, which unlike traditional molecules increase the effect by reducing the time

    - Safe for all skin types: Lip Plumper is hypoallergenic and can be applied without subsequent redness. Perfect for women who want amazing results in no time.

    Portable and convenient: the lip plumper is waterproof, compact in size and easily fits into the makeup bag. It is an ergonomic device with a firm grip, its design ensures safe and convenient handling.


    • Prep your lips using a hydrating lip product (we’d recommend our Lip MASK) to ensure your lips are healthy and ready to be plumped up!
    • Apply Lip Plumper directly to your lips. Wait 2 minutes
    • You can either use alone or apply lipstick over Lip Plumper. Feel free to re-apply during the day as needed
    • Enjoy your day with your new lips!

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