Snow, Mud and Sand Tire Traction Device

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Driving alone can be fun and smooth-sailing... that is until you hit a muddy rough road or a deeply snow-covered area. Well, in times like those, there’s something you can rely on — The Skid-Safe Tire Blocks!

These ain't your ordinary blocks. These are wonders that can get your car out of a tight spot real quick and easy!


A simple and effective solution to being stranded and disabled in all types of terrain and adverse conditions.
An anti-skid tire block is most effective when used as directed at the first signs of tire slippage (or being stuck).
An innovation designed to enhance the ability of a slipping tire to extract itself from a poor traction situation.
Easy to install, safe to use, and affordable.
After thousands of wear-resistant, anti-slip tests, the quality has passed ISO certification.


Pirelli tire high-quality rubber
Zinc alloy buckle
High strength polyester webbing