Car Trunk Multifunction Fixed Baffle

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Don't you hate that sound of loose items rolling around in the back of your car when you are driving? You don't know what caused the sound or may something is broken, these cargo organizers bring peace of mind to your driving. Once you use them, you won't want to stop. No more broken goods, no more distractions, safe driving, secure stuff.

A completely new product changing the way people use their cars for carrying goods.

 The Car Trunk Multifunction Fixed Baffle will help organize your car trunk like it's never been disorganized in the first place. It keeps everything in place no matter how rough the road ahead is. It uses powerful velcro to adhere to any standard carpeted trunk liners and floor mats to hold your goods intact. Unlike a collapsible trunk crate, that can only hold a limited number and size of items.

The Multifunction Fixed Baffle will adapt to whatever you need to carry and allow you to fill every inch of your storage trunk securely and safely.


  • Protects against moving objects
  • Stable velcro strap allows you to perfectly adhere to the carpet in the trunk
  • Create compartments in your trunk or floorboards with ease.
  • Keeps grocery bags and other items in place securely.
  • Use with groceries, wine bottles, paint tins, bottles, luggage, and any other loose object.
  • 2 magic strips on the bottom grip the carpet in the trunk of your car, SUV or minivan.
  • Allows the practical organization of the luggage compartment - it saves space for luggage 
  • Made of plastic so that it is light and strong


  • Color: orangegray.
  • Material: Eco-friendly PP
  • Size: 19 x 14 x 11,5 cm (Short Baffle) 19 x 14 x 46 cm (Long Baffle).
  • Net weight:110g