Educational Creative Pen Inductive Toy Pig

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Here is the best gift for children. Your kids will be amazed and excited that the pig moves along the black drawn lines. 

They will improve creativity and imagination while enjoying the fun by playing the toy. 


  • With an optical sensor, can automatically run following the line drawn.
  • They will improve creativity and imagination while enjoying the fun by playing the toys.
  • Fun and educational - this inductive pig makes learning to draw and develop fine motor skills fun and enjoyable
  • Easy to use - just keep a white paper and a black marker on hand and the mini inductive pig toy is ready to play with
  • Safe for kids - inductive pigs are made of high-quality, sturdy, brightly colored plastic that's safe and environmentally friendly
  • The perfect gift idea - this magic pig toy with inductive function and cute appearance will serve as an amazing gift for kids

How to play:

  1. Use a black marker pen to draw a line on a white piece of paper
  2. Turn on switch at the bottom of the pig
  3. Place the pig on the drawn line, it will run along the line automatically
  4. Turn off the switch at the bottom of the pig when you don't want to play


  • Material: Eco-friendly ABS, Electronic Components
  • Charging Time: 30mins
  • Width: 8cm/3.15" (Approx.)
  • Height: 8.5cm/3.35" (Approx.)


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