Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

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    Add super fun to your Christmas party with this Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game! Play a fun Christmas reindeer game with everyone in the family! Throw the round rings onto the large reindeer antlers on your friend's head and take turns wearing the antlers for some sweet family memories. The Best Game for your Family this Christmas!


    • Enjoy Holiday Happiness Together: This Reindeer Antler Ring Toss is perfect for Christmas party, summer beach party, birthday party, school activities supplies and other teamwork activities; ideal for family use, help make your family closer to each other and enjoy the great happiness of being together. It's sure to get everyone off their phones!

    • Quick Inflate and Deflate: Hand-held pumps will inflate antlers and rings easily. The plastic has withstood many rounds of ring toss and antler bashing, very durable, can be used many times over.
    • Easy to Store and Carry: The entire set of Reindeer Antler Ring Toss can be inflated or deflated at any time. Because of its lightweight, it's easy to store and carry. When finished playing, deflate the air and store it until next time.


    • Reindeer Antler Hats: 24.8 x 9.8 x 16.5 inches.
    • Rings: 7.5 inch 
    • For Children Ages 3 and up


    • Standard Set (3-5 people)2 x Inflatable Reindeer Antler Hats & 8 × inflatable rings
    • Family Set (6-10 people): 3 x Inflatable Reindeer Antler Hats & 12 x inflatable rings & 1 x Free Handheld Pump
    • Big Family Set (10+ people): 4 x Inflatable Reindeer Antler Hats & 16 x inflatable rings & 1 x  Free Handheld Pump