Intelligent induction taillight

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The lightest and lightest bicycle light of the year

A smart, compact, and powerful USB rechargeable rear bike light that's day & nighttime visible with an auto-brake function.

WIDE FIELD OF VIEW: 180-Degree field of view width, visibility up to 150m, utilization of high-brightness COB LED+EnSca lens, offers super brightness for you but not dazzling, all clearly visible for the night no matter rain or fog.
AUTOMATICALLY START AND STOP: With an intelligent sensor, the bike tail light will turn on automatically riding in low brightness and turn off automatically riding in high brightness. Also, the tail light will turn on when braking.
BRAKE LIGHTS: Integration of high sensitivity acceleration sensor, automatically switch to brake light mode when decelerating, lights highlight warning rear car.
IPX6 WATERPROOF: IPx6 waterproof and dustproof, water spray from any direction will not enter the light even in big raining.
ADJUSTABLE FASTENER STRAP: Adjustable length of the strap makes it possible to install easily on seatposts, helmet, and bags. This bicycle rear light is an easy mount.