Magic Wine Bottle Holder Multiple Chain Lasso/Rope Illusion Rack Champagne Stand

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Chain style

Rope style

Magic chain wine stand

You may have seen various bottle holders before, but I am sure that you may be astonished at this New Magical Lasso Wine Bottle Holder Rope Rack the first sight you see it.

Magic wine bottle holder designed in a rope shape and chain
Amazing optical illusion for your kitchen
Made of hard alloy and nylon
Functional and incredibly stylish
Cleverly uses balance and counterbalance
Cool decoration for your home
A great gift for all wine lovers
Fit almost any bottle of wine or spirit

Product Description

1. This is an iron line for the skeleton, outside the set of ropes of the wine rack, snake bending for modeling, concise and vivid. Shaped like a soft hanging down and dragged a curved "tail" rope on the table

2. Naturally flip reflects ribbon charm, artistic atmosphere, no welding, scientific analysis of material characteristics, supporting the use of flip bottle effect.

3. It is a predetermined type, with the "tail" as the fulcrum, depending on the weight of the bottle itself to maintain balance. Of course, it really looks like a floating-space magic product.

4.Can be paired with a variety of occasions and styles, no matter which corner, can be your furniture style, highlighting your elegant taste.

Material:Alloy & Nylon
Occasion:Kitchen Room, KTV, Bar
Dimensions:(12.59 x 5.51 x 6.69)" / (32 x 14 x 17)cm(L x W x H)
Weight:6.03oz / 171g
Package Includes:
1 x Wine Bottle Rack

Multiple Chains
Material:Stainless Steel
Occasion:Kitchen Room, KTV, Bar
Weight:11.57oz / 328g
Dimensions:(5.11 x 5.98 x 7.67)" / (13 x 15.2 x 19.5)cm(L x W x H)
Package Includes:
1 x Wine Bottle Rack