Mini Ski Shoe Attachment

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    Turn your shoes into Ski/Skates!

    The perfect combination of skis and skates, that brings the thrill of skating to the slopes! Ski-Shoes attach right yo your winter shoes or snowboard boots and let you glide down hills like you are skiing. 

    ATTENTION: We are currently going viral on social media, and have limited stock. Grab yours NOW before it is sold out.  

    Use them for downhill on and off the slopes, in snow parks, through forest trails, and even for cross-country skiing. Easily attach your Ski-Shoes to any winter shoes or snowboard boots.

    Universal - Ski-Shoes come with adjustable bindings allowing you to attach them to any shoe or snow boot of any size.

    Storage- When they are not on your feet, your Ski-Shoes are small enough to fit into most bags.

    Heel Brake - Makes it easy to slow down.

    Metal Ski EdgesFor safe quick stops.

    Fiberglass reinforced - fiberglass lining makes your Ski-Shoes light and durable, able to stand the most intense sessions. 

    Just like skates for the Ski-Slopes, Ski-Shoes are so easy to use, since you won't have to lug around giant skis or an awkward snowboard. You can simply strap them to your feet and be off your way.