New LED Light Folding Cane

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Product Features:

  • 1.6061 aluminum alloy cane is lightweight and durable
  • 2. Four-legged base imitates human ankle design, human bionics technology, 360-degree rotation.
  • 3.4 non-slip mats, stable, non-slip, wear resistant.
  • 4. LED lighting function, convenient for night use.
  • 5.4 section foldable, five-level telescopic, easy to carry; wristband design, not easy to disarm, effectively protect the elderly safety!


  • 1.Color: black
  • 2.Material: aluminum alloy
  • 3.Weight (approx.): 380 g
  • 4.Length (approx.): 33.46-38.19in
  • 5.High adjustment: 38.19in, low adjustment: 33.46in, bottom diameter: 3.54in, handle length: 6.89in, aluminum tube thickness: 0.05in