Phone Case With a Built-In Retractable Selfie Stick

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This is a smartphone case that has a built-in selfie stick that you can use to easily take pictures of yourself without the need to carry around a separate selfie stick. The selfie stick is folded up into the back of the phone case. To use it, simply pull on the end of the stick and it will automatically unravel and straighten out, then just tilt up your phone so that it's pointed at you, and take your pictures using the built-in Bluetooth remote on the end of the stick.

Selfie Stick use:
Activate the Bluetooth function of your phone as well as your selfie-stick
Slide the selfie stick directly out of your phone
Place the screen of your phone as you want in order to take a photo.
Press the button (the same than for the Bluetooth connection) and take a selfie!

• Specifications:

- Selfie Stick Material: Aluminum
- Case Material: PC
- Selfie Stick Size: 2.6”
- Weight: About 4.13 oz
- Available Color: Black, Pink.White, Red
- Bluetooth Version: 3.0
- Bluetooth Control: Press the on/off button positioned at the top of the selfie-stick case

• Packing List:
1* Selfie Stick
1*User Material
1*Remote Control